Nicole and Anthony’s wedding at the crazy Aynhoe park in Oxfordshire

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Wow, we were so super excited when we got an enquiry in last year to shoot a wedding at Aynhoe park, its such  a wonderful venue with so many wonderful things to photograph. It was like being in a sweetshop, i think i was there for two hours before i even got into Nicoles room…good job i was there nice and early. The staff were absolutely amazing and so where Nicole and Anthony and all there wonderful family and friends, I think my favourite details from the day has to be the giriaff on the balloons, looking so graceful in the corner of the room while the ceremony was taking place.

Aynhoe park is an amazing eclectic crazy wedding venue, perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea with its totally mad collection of Taxidermy animals along with lots of other weird and wonderous relics. but if you are looking for something a little different wild and crazy, check it out. I am a firm believer that your wedding is the one day you can stand out from the crowd.

The wonderful little wedding  cakes where made by Neil Thornton at Le Papillon, its was extremely difficult to resist the temptation to steal one on the day but i totally managed it up until  around 10:30 pm. which was when i glanced around the room to see the little red number look at me with the raspberry on the top and say”please eat me”, well in my mind thats what it said and it had been a very long day!

The beautiful classic wedding dress was by Jenny packham